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Garage Door Springs
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Torsion Spring Adjustment 

If your door takes more time to open than usual or you have to lock it to keep it fully closed, then you most certainly have a problem with the garage door spring tension. Our test will determine if this is the case. It involves opening the door halfway and releasing it, after it has been disconnected from the opener. If the unit literally drops down, the tension is too little and we’ll wind the spring to increase it. If it shoots up at a great speed, this indicates too much tension which we’ll reduce with unwinding. Count on us to confirm that the adjustment has been accurate with further testing. Remember that adjustment isn’t a DIY task and you must never attempt it. It is dangerous and may have severe consequences for someone who’s not been trained to do it. 

Replacing Broken Springs

Garage Door Springs It’s easy to tell if you have a broken spring. Your door won’t open even though the motor works as usual. Rely on us to replace the broken component quickly. Our services cover both torsion and extension garage door springs, regardless of their design and brand. We’ll choose a new spring which matches your overhead door given its size and weight. It’s our commitment to install only springs with a long cycle life. For torsion ones, the standard is 10,000 cycles while for extension ones, it is 5,000 cycles. It’s our commitment to adjust the springs with absolute precision. In the case of extension ones, we also install a safety cable, which goes right through them. 

Proper Maintenance on a Regular Basis 

Our maintenance service covers all garage door components and accessories and the spring system isn’t an exception. We test the tension and adjust it, if necessary, and run a careful check for damage. In case there is even one bent coil, we’ll replace the spring timely. Torsion springs require lubrication to work reliably and quietly. Our job is to apply the light lubricant so that each coil is covered. We use only high-quality products which are not sticky and don’t change their texture as the temperature goes down. 

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