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Garage Door Repairs in Altamonte Springs FL

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Garage Door Repairs in Altamonte Springs FL

If you own a garage door, automatic or manual, chances are you'll need some repairs done eventually. The complexity of these systems, and the tension they operate under make them susceptible to various types of problems. For example, broken springs. These occur more often than we all would like. And when garage door springs break, they need experts to replace them. Trying to do it yourself puts you at tremendous risk. The same goes for various mechanical and electrical garage door opener problems. So whatever the issue, call the best garage door repairers near Altamonte Springs – us!

Emergency Broken Spring Replacement

Like we mentioned above, when you have to deal with broken or snapped garage door springs, you're dealing with something dangerous. These units carry lots of tension in their coils. That's how they help the door open and close, after all. So to stay safe, avoid trying to DIY this type of problem. Instead, let our professional garage door spring repair technicians assist you. We service all of Altamonte Springs and its surrounding areas on a daily basis (which includes Saturdays and Sundays). So you always have someone to help you when broken springs need replacement or some other issue occurs.

Professional Opener Repairs For Altamonte Springs Garage Doors

Trouble with the garage door opener can present a far greater complexity than dent panels and bent tracks. The opener consists of a motor, sensors, circuit board, and a drive system made up of various mechanical parts. Those can be a rail, chain, trolley, steel-reinforced belt or a direct drive type of threaded rod. Whichever type of opener you have, we can help when it malfunctions. Garage door opener repairs require strong troubleshooting skills and an understanding of the complexities of these units. Good thing our specialists have both in droves, eh?

Get a Free Estimate on a New Garage Door In Altamonte Springs FL

You want to add more curb appeal to your home, right? Well with a beautiful steel or wooden garage door you can do that. And the benefits don't end in aesthetics. We've got overhead door models that stay durable and provide excellent insulation to your garage. It's all about quality workmanship and proper installation for us. Let us show you what kinds of options you have by providing a free estimate on garage door installation. We'll explain the process and help you choose the best door for your Altamonte Springs garage.

Past Work In Your Area

Here are some of the recent repairs our expert did on Altamonte Springs garage doors (and ones from nearby spots). Whatever issue you have, whatever service you need, know that we can always help.

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